I’m bored of the way women and sex is portrayed.

Even by women’s sex coaches.

It’s clinical and forced, even when they’re talking about emotions.

It’s dry.

And it sometimes feels like are trying to convince someone of something. Instead of tapping into that which we women already know. 
And I know I’m guilty of it too. The intellect is strong in this one.

But humans were never meant to survive on intellect alone. Then we’d be robots.

But women have struggled for so fucking long to “prove” they were as smart, as savvy, as logical as men that we’ve forgotten how to feel.

We’ve forgotten how to cry. How to hurt. How to love. And how to feel intense sexual pleasure.

And too many people are still talking about sex as if it were an intellectual topic. “Do xyz to orgasm more.” “If you do this 1 thing, it will bring him more pleasure and in turn he’ll please you more.”

Bleh. I’m tired of it. I’m bored.

If you try and attach intellectual meaning to everything, you’ll never connect to yourself and your emotions around it.

Here’s the deal. WOMEN LOVE SEX.

Ok, not all of them. I’m 110% against blanket statements (except that blanket statement. LOL)

There is never ever going to be anything where women (or men) are all the same.

But as a general rule, women love sex…..when they allow themselves too. And when men allow them to as well.

I’m not much for believing that men hold any kind of power over women. But fuck if it isn’t the biggest turn off, the biggest instant dry switch when a man thinks that a woman is just having sex for him, to please him, or because she “should” to make him happy.

And women aren’t usually looking to get it on with any guy, though. Just the ones they feel that connection and desire with.

So men who are reading this, if you believe that women truly enjoy sex, you will attract in women who truly enjoy sex. And you will be amazing at the sexual connection and satisfaction you have with these women, these women who own their desires. Even if these sexual connections are only for a night.

And women, oh my women, just allow yourself to feel. Allow youself to feel the longing building up inside you. Allow yourself to dream of whatever your sexual fantasies are. Allow yourself to be swept away in them. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to a man in that way. Allow him to give you that pleasure. Choose to enjoy every fucking moment, pun totally intended.

And own it. Own that you’re a woman comfortable in those feelings, those emotions.

Emotions don’t automatically have to be love. That’s one of the biggest hangups when using the words “emotion” and “sex” in the same sentence. People automatically assume you mean that you are in love with the guy who’s deep inside you. You can be, but you don’t have to be to feel all the other emotions that come up.

Higher vibrations.
Repeat. For as many times as your body will enjoy.

And it’s not about “letting off steam” or “getting back at someone” or “relieving the stress” but just a pure, pure enjoyment of sex.

So embrace your sexual side. Your wild side. The side that makes you want whatever the fuck you want.

And stop being so logically about it. Just feel all those delightful, tingly little/big feelings.

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