“You’re Such A Positive Person!”


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You KNOW your love life (and your love life in general) needs a huge dose of ….something.


And you know aaaaallll about how good positivity is for your life. Attitude of Gratitude, Don’t Worry Be Happy, ect, ect, right?


Blah, blah, blah.


If you could just be grateful, if you could just be happy, if you could just be a positive person, you would have already done it. Right? Duh.


Sometimes it’s not that simple as just being a positive person. Sometimes when life has been shitty, it’s not that easy to be a grateful, happy, upbeat woman.


I know. I get it. I’ve been there.


20 years of depression has taught me a lot about how fucking hard it is to be grateful sometimes.


Being divorced, cheated on, stood up by people (guys, friends, whoever), put on the bottom of the priority list, left out of the loop….it’s all shown me how hard true gratitude can be.


But…and you knew there was a “but” in there somewhere, BUT I also know what it feels to rise from the depths of depression, from the lowest of lows (I was starting to think about suicide), and start to put into practice the things I’m about to teach you and to see how much Positivity radically changed my life.

It’s not a magic pill. Nothing is.

It’s an internal revolution that, when implemented, will change your life from the inside out.

People LOVE positive people. They are magnetically drawn to them. Positive people get more attention than anyone else. Why? Because people love to be with them, and they actually get something from being around them. They get the feel-goods that we’re all looking for in the people that we spend time with.

People love to feel good. And positive people radiate such good vibrations that people can’t help but feel better in their presence.

And this is doubly true for men. Men WANT and NEED to feel good around you or else they aren’t coming back around.

Forget all the advice that tells you that you have to make men feel uneasy or on edge to keep their attention. That only works for desperate men, and that isn’t the type of guy you want anyways.

Now I’m not talking about giving men constant reassurance. I’m not talking about being a completely open book to a man you just started dating and telling them every last thought.

I’m just talking about being the best, most amazing person that you can be and making men feel good by just them being around you.


What Positivity isn’t is that it’s not constantly reassuring anyone about how you feel about them. It’s not behaving a certain way to make people happy. It’s not agreeing with everything or about letting people walk all over you so that you don’t rock the boat.


NONE of that is positive, because it’s all doormat behavior that doesn’t respect yourself. And not respecting yourself will never make you feel good.


It’s not about being fake or any shit like that it. It’s not about playing games or trying to convince someone how amazing you are with a series of carefully laid out words and a certain outfit and pretending to be busy.


It’s genuine, authentically feeling good about yourself and about life.  And then spreading that feel-goodness naturally out into the world.


And when you do that, the law of attraction starts to work in your favor. Let’s be clear about how the Law of Attraction works. It’s ALWAYS working. But “like energy attracts like energy” so if you’re noticing that you’re attracting what you don’t really want, it’s probably because that’s who you’re being. Which is hard to hear, I know, but true. So when you start internally becoming more positive and high-vibrational, instead of attracting negative people and situations into your life, you start attracting the good, amazing, upleveled people and things.

Including men who can’t get enough of you.

And once you master the art of positivity, once you create the habit of positivity, then it becomes automatic or at least very easy to catch yourself and change the directions of your thoughts.

And who the hell wouldn’t WANT to be automatically a happy, positive, upbeat person who magnetically attracts amazing people into her life?

Negativity is hard. It’s physically hard. It’s emotionally hard. And I was so grateful to get out of its grip.

Negativity has been draining you for so long. You feel tired, almost exhausted, and people aren’t really enjoying being around you. Hell, half the time you don’t even enjoy being around you. Your thoughts are just making you miserable.

And 2018 is the year you change all of that!

The benefits of positivity are endless. You are happier, you have more energy, you have more fun, and people are magnetically drawn to you. People LOVE positive people. Positive People make things more fun (even if it’s just for themselves. I can’t count the number of times that my positive attitude has made my life a million times more enjoyable for me!)

Imagine waking up every day with energy, with a love for life, having fun doing ANYTHING, and drawing in people (men!) who love being around you and can’t get enough of you!

Are you ready to rise above the negative thinking, and teach yourself to do it automatically?

They say habits take 21 days to develop, so let’s take 21 days together and develop your automatic positivity reflex so that you can naturally and effortlessly attract quality people into your life!

Over the next 21 days, we will focus on three major areas: Radical Self Confidence, Finding the Silver Lining, and Gratitude for What We Have.

And notice that unlike a lot of positivity courses, gratitude isn’t the only thing we’re focusing and it isn’t even the first thing! I know how hard it is to be grateful when negativity is weighing you down. So let’s work on clearing the negativity so that gratitude will flow naturally.

  • Every day you will get a short, easy-to-read lesson from me, with a couple short but powerful questions.
  • The day will also have a short manifestation affirmation for you to repeat throughout the day to help keep you in a positive space.
  • It’s that simple.

You’re going to focus on re-training your brain to automatically think more positively by focusing on the positive in life.

Now, I’m not saying the negative doesn’t happen. Shitty things do happen in life. But isn’t a rainstorm better survived with a coat and an umbrella? That’s what positive thinking does for you. It gives you a bit of a shield from the storm.

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