Me, in all forms

Wild Child
Crazy One
The one who never settles.
Never content with good enough
Never stagnant, never complacent
Wears and shares glitter, sunshine, moonlight, shit that you cannot ignore.
Walks her own path, moves to her own rhythm.
Often overlooked, never fitting into any box anyone’s ever tried to put her in.
Breaks the mold, no labels can ever truly fit.
But those that see her, see more than just her. They see light and love. And something they can’t put their finger on.
Eyes that see more than anyone ever wants, bores straight into your soul.
Vision to see through you.
Healer. Releaser. Guide on the path to freedom.
Intuitive. Connected. Soul.
Laughter. Sarcasm. Wit.
Never confined, never normal, never predictable.
Light. Dark. Open but not.
Sensual. Sexy. In love with her body.
Touch, taste, sound, sight, smell.
In love with her mind. Her intellect. Her brilliance.
Details. Connecting the dots. Big picture.
In love with her soul.
Creator. Visionary. Seer of what could be.
Adventurer. Nature Lover.
Dance among the stars, drinking in the moonshine.
Fly high. Dive deep. Uncover. Resolve. Peel back the layers.
Revel in the darkness, relax and release in the night.
Chaotic. Charming. Communicator.
Deep hurts, sorrow, pain, fear.
Scarred. Judged. Weird.
One foot in front of the other. Keep moving.
Never show your weakness.
Exhausted of running from the judgments and shame.
Tired of standing by myself for myself.
Ready to embrace real. Really real.
No more mirages telling me something about myself that isn’t.
Clarity. Community. Partnership.
Trust. When have I ever really trusted someone? A long time ago.
Depression. Anxiety. Paranoia. Stay on the sidelines.
But always moving forward. Upleveling. Figuring shit out. Leave it behind.
Daily, hourly, moment by moment, better than I was before.
Always making my life one step ahead of where it was.
Dance. Joy. Laughter. Movement. Capture the moment.
Release. Be. Live.

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