I’m not in trouble

Learning to release the fear of opening my mouth and “getting in trouble” for voicing my opinions and thoughts. Because the truth is, very few people have that power over me unless I give it to them. My boss, yes, when it comes to work related things. Law enforcement, yes, even it comes to laws of the land. But the rest of the people, no.

I hated being in trouble as a kid and started filtering myself big time. I hated people getting mad at me because they didn’t like what I had to say and I kept filtering myself even more.

But frankly that exhausting, inauthentic (and people can tell when you’re being fake, even if you’re hiding it behind silence) and I’ve just had enough of it.

If someone doesn’t like what I said or did, I’m still not “in trouble.”
If someone complains about what I said or did, I’m still not “in trouble.”
If someone walks away from me, I’m still not “in trouble.”
If someone thinks I’m a bitch, I’m still not in trouble. 
If I say something stupid or that I regret, I’m still not in trouble

I’m gonna say what I’m gonna say.

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