You already have access to the BIGGEST expert.

You know, the one that knows everything that you should do. Everything that will be the best for you. Everything that your heart desires.

And, crazy enough, you already have access to them.

And no, this isn’t some catfish post to get you to hire me. Because I’m not your expert.

You are.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Who knows you better than you? Who knows what’s best for you? Who knows everything that your heart desires.


You are perfectly capable of being your best expert, the brilliant person who goes with you everywhere.

Want to know what outfit to wear? Ask your expert.

Want to know what food to buy? Ask your expert.

Want to know what to say in a text message? Ask your expert.

Now, there are folks that aren’t capable of making their own choices. There are people in life who need caregivers, who are put into prisons and mental hospitals because they simply cannot take care of themselves.

But you are not one of those people.

So why do you keep putting yourself in a jail cell of indecision? Why do you keep asking the warden if you’re allowed to wear this, say that, do whatever the fuck you want?

Instead of treating yourself like the damn expert that you are, you gave yourself a demotion and made yourself the doormat in your own life. You don’t like yourself make any decisions. You just go wherever someone puts you.

No more.

Today, you give yourself that fucking promotion.


As of right now, YOU are in charge of your life. You are the expert. You are the CEO, CFO, CIO, C-EVERYTHING-O. All of it.

Sure, you might need some advisors along the way. That’s cool. But don’t ever forget who’s in charge, who makes the ultimate decisions (YOU!).

So, now that you are back in your rightful place, at the top of the chain of command of your own life, what is the first decision you’re going make.

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