Do you know who the fuck you are?

Sometimes it can be scary to do your own thing, go your own way, stand up to someone.
Sometimes we think “who the fuck do I think I am to challenge the system or that person?”
Better questions to ask:
Who the fuck do I think I am NOT to challenge them?
Who the fuck put these other people in charge of my life?
Who the fuck died and left that person in charge of what I do?
Why in the hell would I think these people’s opinions are more important to me than my own?
Why the hell am I hanging around people who think they control me?
I know the above questions sound a bit snarky and almost bypassing, but if you actually ask yourself those and LISTEN for the answer that comes up, you’ll start to see the wounds you need to heal.
If you pay attention to your reactions, to the FEAR that comes up at the thought of challenging the system or a group or a person, you’ll see what is holding you back.
And then you can make the decision to live in fear and be a good little lemming and let someone else control you. Or you can start the healing work to start taking control of your own life.
Because, really, do you know who the fuck you are? You’re fucking (insert name here) and you’re badass, amazing, intelligent, loving, and totally deserving to be in charge of yourself.

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